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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Syahrini the hot actress singer pics

Syahrini 27-year-old singer was born in Bogor, West Java, on August 1, 1982. This beautiful singer is a graduate of the University Law School Pakuan Bogor.

Some newspapers had mentioned the controversy associated with sexiness Syahrini. With the appearance Syahrini always sensual, not surprisingly, he often becomes an easy target media and gossip that often reaches it.

Not much news that blow about Syahrini closeness with men, except for his final attachment with Anang Hermansyah, singers, musicians, and famous music producer in Indonesia. Reportedly, Syahrini will soon become a new mother to children Anang who replaced Krisdayanti, former wife of Sam, who is one of the Indonesian diva.

On July 8, 2010, Syahrini get a title of nobility from the royal palace that is Kanjeng Surakarya Mas Ayu. Giving the title held in Ward Kansetanan led Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Haryo


Syahrini singer known as the newcomers. Album of the second of three brothers was released in 2008 with the headline MY LOVELY. Dara who was born in Bogor, August 1, 1982 relying on the song Liar from the album MY LOVELY.

Before releasing the album MY LOVELY, Rini, so call a law degree from the University Pakuan Bogor, has joined the compilation album CHOCOLATE STROBERI movie with the title song Love's gaze.

Successful debut album in May 2009 Syahrini will release his second album. But the singles champion, Dizziness Half Dead will be released first in May 2009. Different from the previous album, Dizzy is Half Dead Syahrini own creation.

Although the new count in the entertainment world, but Syahrini brave enough to try out other fields, in addition to pull votes so far they do. In 2009, he tested his acting skills through the film THE STORE KUBURANS.

Syahrini considered artists who dare to appear sensual every gig. Backed by a crisp and melodious voice, sang the song with a sigh Syahrini being spoiled. The style was always dressed sexy.


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