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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sexy Pictures of Julie Woon @ Julie Hoi

Julie Woon Biodata/Personal Details:

* Age: 24+
* Star sign: Cancer
* State (origin): Kuala Lumpur
* Occupation: Actress/TV Host/Emcee
* Any natural talent? : whistle by sucking in air instead of blowing
* Pets? Monsta – chow chow
* Fav. TV series: Dexter
* Fav. Local actor / actress: Michelle Yeoh/Qi Razali/Nas-T
* Fav. Music genre: Jazz
* Fav. Singer / musician /band: Diana Krall
* Fav. Quote: Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.
* Fav. / Most frequented Website:
* Previous acting gigs (TV / Movie): ‘Like Sunshine after Rain’ independent movie (2008)
* Tv Host: Motorsports @ PETRONAS (2008)
* Comic superhero/character you would like to be: Wolverine
* Which celebrity photographer would you like to be? All!
* Tell us something extraordinary about yourself: I can hardly ever get angry!


apymacho said...

hi julie,,,u cute..can u send me some picture of u nude at u sendd..

Anonymous said...

Julie Hoi known as Julie Woon once worked in Bintang Palace night club (Gentlemans Club). A friend of mine has seen her there and told us. Julie Hoi has always been infamous, but we didnt believe she would jeopardise her reputation and made it by worse by working in Bintang Palace knowing KL is not a big city, the chances of bumping into people she knows is very high. We gave her the benefit of the doubt but of course deep down, this is a very interesting "rumour". About a month later, we went to Bintang Palace and WE SAW HER there and our friend K proved us right. Friends who know her since long time ago would know this is true because it was not only 1 person who know but many people knew about it but nobody really want to comment much. She once apparently said she was there with friends, but "why would she there for "conveniently" for a month" and she was seen to be very close to the girls.

Question is, how is she the next generation role model?
Did she change her name to Julie Woon because she has very bad reputation? and by changing her name they wont recognise her face?


Its funny how Malaysian entertainment industry can accept such a character to be the celebrity/role model of Malaysia. Its disgusting.

Oh yeah by the way, she is a very good liar and love the attention and playing the victim. I am sure people who have known her from the past will agree with me.

Anonymous said...

If she is all of that then she has no place being in 8TV. It's a public channel watched by our young impressionable minds...dirty deeds are never done dirt cheap! If this 'lady' is that hard to become famous go talk to Hugh Heffner of Playboy fame. I'm sure he has a place for her at his infamous mansion!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish i could be the cameramen so i can RAPE her wholeday. Whore ! <3

nicky5 said...

Hey, that kit in the what men want show says the same thing, erm... Dirty celebrities career huh.. And for sure that Grrit shagged her.. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Nice big ass~~fuck her all day

Anonymous said...

Mistress quality... Good for pumping doggie

Anonymous said...

that ass was so sweet..must be tight puss..gonna f**k her all day..damn.....

D-nice said...

what a load of rubbish. it's surprising how rumours spread and i know for a fact she has never been to Bintang palace! please show proof before bitching about someone you obviously know nothing about! Gossips are for the small minded

Anonymous said...

haha..i work at bintang palace club fr 5years.and i can confirm she is not working there.

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